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english test
A Class School of English Placement Test B

This test is to make sure we place you in a class that is the correct level for you.
You have 45 minutes to complete as much of this test as possible. The test starts
out easy and then becomes more difficult. Choose the best answer.
1. What’s _____ name?
A) you
B) she
C) your
D) yours

2. A “________did you arrive in Malta?” B “Last night.”
A) How
B) When
C) Where
D) What time

3. A Did you _____ the online test? B Yes I did.
A) make
B) have
C) take
D) made

4. Wow! How _____ CD’s do you have?
A) many
B) much
C) few
D) manys

5. Would you like_____ coffee?
A) an
B) many
C) some
D) much

6. My host family’s house is _____ the supermarket and the petrol station.
A) under
B) off
C) among
D) between

7. The temperature in Malta never goes_______ zero.
A) beneath
B) under
C) off
D) below

2.A Class Placement Test B

8. He was married ten years________.
A) before now
B) long ago
C) ago
D) now

9. I would like an ice-cream for _____ please.
A) dessert
C) deserts
D) assert

10. My friend Alan doesn’t ______ how to speak German, can we speak English
A) now
B) no
C) know
D) knowing

11. I don’t have to do_____ today.
A) nothing
B) its
C) anything
D) somethings

12. Malta is famous for its fantastic_______ .
A) weather
B) wether
C) weder
D weathere

13. Maria is married ____ my friend Pierre.
A) with
B) for
C) to
D) into

14. Excuse me, I was wondering if you could_____ help me, I’m lost. I’d like to
go to Valletta. Where is the nearest bus stop?
A) probably
B) easily
C) likely
D) possibly

3.A Class Placement Test B

15. I _______ to my brother’s wedding next week.
A) am go
B) will go
C) going
D) am going

16. What would you like to_____ with sir?
A) consume
B) engage
C) tackle
D) start

17. I_____ the soup please.
A) want
B) ‘ll have
C) am
D) am wanting

18. Have you ever______ in an airplane before?
A) fled
B) flowed
C) flown
D) flying

19. I am not driving tonight because I’ve had four beers and that’s quite a _____
A) lots of
B) many

20. I think Radiohead is ________ band in the world.
A) better
B) the bestest
C) the better
D) the best

21. I’ve been ______ a lot of pain these last few days. I’ve got a toothache.
A) on
B) with
C) over
D) in

22. You need to ______ up your mind and take a decision.
A) Do
B) get
C) put
D) make

4.A Class Placement Test B

23. If you want to improve your English, you_____ practice talking in English.
A) always
B) should be
C) had to
D) ought to

24. A Class is close to Paceville, you can go there _____ .
A) by walk
B) by foot
C) on walk
D) on foot

25. Don’t be put_____ by his tattoo’s and beard. He is really friendly.
A) away
B) up
C) off
D) down

26. I have very______ skin, it burns very easily.
A) sensible
B) fairs
C) sensitive
D) insensitive

27. I _______ my best friend Angelica for 10 years.
A) have know
B) know
C) have been knowing
D) have known

28. You ______ take an umbrella with you to Malta in summer as it hardly ever
A) must
B) needn’t
C) can’t
D) don’t must

29. If they had waited for Klaus, they______late.
A) would have been
B) would be
C) were to be
D) would to be

30. When water is cold, it _______.
A) froze
B) has frozen
C) freezes
D) gets freezed

5. Class Placement Test B

31. If he decides to try Timpana, a typical Maltese food he _______ it. It’s
A) will regret
B) is regretting
C) not regret
D) won’t regret

32. She ________ to send some e-mails after school.
A) must
B) has
C) need
D) wants to

33. Look at the camera Mario, I want to ______ a photo! Say cheese!
A) have B) make C) do D) take

34. I’ve been in Malta learning English______ last Monday.
A) since B) up to C) until D) on

35. My hair looks terrible. I really need_______
A) to be cutting my hair B) to cut my hair C) to get my hair cut
D)to get cut my hair

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6.A Class Placement Test B
Choose the best word to fit in the text

Sleeping properly is important for everyone. The actual (36)_______ of sleep you
need depends (37)_______ your age. Children (38))______ to sleep between ten to
twelve hours, and teenagers about nine hours. Adults differ a lot in their sleeping
(39)_______. Normally, seven to eight hours of sleep a night is (40)_______,
however some people only need about four hours.
Having a comfortable (41)_______ to sleep in essential. There should also be
(42)_______ of fresh air. If you are having problems sleeping, a warm milky drink
can help. It is not a good idea to drink coffee or it may keep you up.
(43)________you are travelling a long distance, try to go to bed earlier than usual
the day before the (44)_______ as this will help you feel less tired when you

36. A) size
B) number
C) amount
D) sum

37. A) to
B) at
C) on
D) in

38. A) need
B) could
C) should
D) want

39. A) ways
B) habits
C) actions
D) manners

40. A) much
B) many
C) several
D) plenty

41. A) point
B) position
C) place
D) pillow

42. A) much
B) many
C) plenty
D) several

43. A) since
B) should
C) if
D) after

44. A) journey
B) voyage
C) call
D) visit

7.A Class Placement Test B
Read the text and choose the best answer for each space.
Researchers who study identical twins who have been separated at (45)______ and
had been looked (46)_______ by different families found some (47)_______ results.
The separated twins were often similar, not only in (48) _______ but also in
intelligence and their personalities.
One famous set of twins were reunited at the age of forty. They were (49)_______
called Bob and (50)_______ a great deal in common. These brothers ,who (51)
______ part in the study, also drove the same model of car and both had a dog
called Bruce. They also worked as estate agents and married and divorced a
woman called Linda before remarrying a woman called Elizabeth. These
remarkable coincidences occur so often that it is (52)______ to simply say they
happened because of (53) ______.
45. A) beginning
B) first
C) birth

46. A) out
B) for
C) at
D) after

47. A) disgraceful
B) shocking
C) surprising
D) insulting

48. A) look
B) appearance
C) form
D) sight

49. A) each
B) also
C) neither
D) both

50. A) had
B) were
D) made

51. A) held
B) took
C) played
D) came
52. A) illegal
B) illiterate
C) illegible
D) illogical

53. A) occasion
B) possibility
C) chance
D) an opportunity

8.A Class Placement Test B
Choose the correct word for each space

54) If you offer me chocolates, I will gladly_______ them (55)_______ the violet
ones which I can’t stand.
(56) She had a _______ for organization.
(57) If a ship is sinking it can let off a ______ to catch other ships’ attention.
(58) When they showed the slow______ replay you could see the played had
touched the ball with his hand.
59 I’m glad to see you’ve recovered from your stomach______.
60 For some museums and galleries in Malta there is a small admission______.

54. A) accept
B) except
C) 0

55. A) accept
B) except
C) 0

56. A) flair
B) flare
C) 0

57. A) flair
B) flare
C) 0

58. A) movement
B) motion
D) shift

59. A) condition
B) disease
D) illness

60. A) charge
B) cost
C) rate
D) price

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